Vincent Chu Section

Bridges thanks Vincent T. H. Chu  for granting permission to reproduce his answers to some of the most basic yet highly challenging civil engineering questions on Bridges, Concrete Structures, Piles & Foundations, Earthwork and Roadwork

Bridges: Q-A :

1 Under what situation shall engineers use jacking at one end only and from both ends in prestressing work?
2 What is “preset” during installation of bridge bearings?
3 In incremental launching method of bridge construction, what are the measures adopted to enhance sufficient resistance of the superstructure during the launching process?
4 In bridge widening projects, the method of stitching is normally employed for connecting existing deck to the new deck. What are the problems associated with this method in terms of shrinkage of concrete?
5 What are the advantages of assigning the central pier and the abutment as fixed piers?