• Ease of use: Self explanatory Menus & Toolbars: The “electronic paper” screens are easy to understand & extremely simple to work on. Complete freedom to select columns to be displayed, easily reposition/resize the columns.
    • Select items easily from Standard Schedule of Rate Books (i.e. Price Books) or Custom Rate Books through  highly user friendly Item Selection Screen & transfer them to your Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis in a matter of just a few clicks….View/Download Screen Shot of Item Selection Screen
    • Create/Save your  Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis in separate files
    • Organize/group the saved Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis  in separate Categories (or groups)  easily identifiable by different font/background colors
    • Select the desired resources  through  highly  user friendly Item Selection Screen & transfer them to your Rate Analysis in a matter of just a few clicks.
    • Flexibility to add your own Non-Schedule items in the Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis
    • Has  special   function of  Unit Factor which allows SuperEstimator for catering to items items having units like “10 sqm” , “0.01 cum” etc ( in place of normal “sqm” or “cum” respectively).
    • Flexibility to apply Local markups (i.e. %age above or below) over rates/costs of individual components (like labor, material, machinery, subcontractor etc.) of your Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis
    • Flexibility to apply Global markups (i.e. %age above or below) like Profits, Overheads, Supervision charges etc over total cost of your Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis. Compound feature may be used in case you want to apply Global markup over running total.
    • Flexibility to apply Chapter wise or Division wise markups (i.e. %age above or below) over different chapters or divisions of your Standard Schedule of Rate Book/Custom Rate Book. This will help you in preparation of Estimates/Bids where one is required to apply a uniform percentage above/below the cost worked out as per rates given in Standard Schedule of Rate Books.
    • Intelligent Context Sensitive Help System with stepwise Screenshots & Movies….all designed to assist you in making the best out of SuperEstimator
    • Reports can be exported to MS Word/pdf/HTML/text formats or/and direct printed/faxed/e-mailed .
    • Master Database rate (i.e. the rate in Standard Rate book or Standard Price book ) can be updated with “Analyzed Rate” (i.e. Rate as per Rate Analysis) by clicking “Update” button. (Feature available only in version 9.1B)
    • Generation of Material List . View/Download Sample Material Consumption Report 1 &  Sample Material Consumption Report 2 (Feature available only in version 9.1B)
    • Easily add your own Memos (i.e. notes) to Items of your Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis. This faciltates adding of payment conditions & technical specifications alongwith the item details.
    • Option to insert Header rows at desired locations in your Estimate/Bid/Rate Analysis .
    • Tag to select any item/group of items for moving, deleting or copying them or to include them in your Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis. You can also change rate/cost values quickly by Tagging items & then entering the updation factor (like inflation factor) by which the existing values are to be updated. Updation factor can be a multiplier/divider or an additive/ subtractive value.
    • Use X-Reference button to perform a broad check of your Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis.
    • Use List & Use buttons to select an item/value from a list of choices and use it in your Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis.
    • Complete flexibility to Sort the items as per criterion of your choice (by item number, rate, cost, item description etc) in ascending/descending order
    • Find or Go to anything, anywhere at any time instantly. Find & Replace tool also available
    • Find out Items with missing rates or quantities with help of Show only zero costs button.
    • On-screen Calculator may be used to directly enter calculated values into fields (if required).
    • Easily add your remarks (if any) in “Remarks” field to Items of your Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis.
    • Option to add Items to Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis without changing the Standard Schedule of Rate Books (i.e. Price Books) or Analysis of Rates.
    • Use SEQ column to know the sequence in which items have been added to Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis.
    • Use S.No column to number the items in your  Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis in the manner you want.
    • Budget feature can be used for monitoring of head wise expenditure.
    • On screen automatic instantaneous totaling of costs of Estimates/Bids/Rate Analysis.
    • Picture field permits saving of pictures along with the items. A great way to make the item description very clear…


SuperEstimator: the engineers’ choice!