Demo Videos

1. Overview of SuperEstimator’s screen
2. Understanding the Bid/Analysis Item List View
3. A quick overview of steps involved in preparation of a Bid/Estimate/Rate Analysis
4. Understanding Item Selection Screen and how to transfer items from Price Book/Rate Book to your Bid/Estimate/Rate Analysis?
5. Understanding Markups & how to apply them?
6. Understanding Reports
7. How to create a new Price Book & enter item details in it?
8. How to add items in your Price Book?
9. How to make Bid Categories in a Price Book & How to assign different Bids/Estimates/Rate Analysis to different Bid Categories?
10. How to enter items into your Bid/Estimate/Rate Analysis?
11. How to access & work with or edit in forms?
12. How to add Header rows in Bid/Analysis Item List?
14. How to add Memos (i.e. notes) to items?
15. How to use Sort feature?
16. How to use X-Ref feature?
17. Understanding Options/Preferences Dialog Box under Tools Menu

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