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Quality of the stone dust at Field

Around Delhi (India),now a these days in place of Sand,Stone dust is being used. Can you please tell us ,what are the parameters for checking the quality of the stone dust at Field-site. Give us the Quality checks as per I.S. standards. Give us Tests as per I.S. 383. & their limits. Limit for Deleterious Materials–75 micron sieve. (Question asked by Mr Sanjay Kumar Deedwania)

Basically, you have to ensure that grading & workability requirements are met; with due care of absorption characteristics of the stone dust. IS codes do not stipulate specific seperate quality parameters for stone/crusher dust.

As regards to other details you have asked for, we would recommend you to refer to “Indian Guide to Quality Concrete“; which provides all the quality paramters related to CC/RCC in just a few clicks with its unique menu driven format.