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What is post tensioned slab and what are its advantages?

Post-Tensioned slabs (as its name suggests) are the slabs which have been post-tensioned.

The slabs may be of any type (including solid flat slab, coffered slab, ribbed slab, beam & slab system, banded flat slab, paneled slab etc) & may be used in any location (including in roofs, foundations etc)

Post-tensioned slabs offer many advantages over conventional reinforced concrete slabs; some of these are –

    • More economical structures resulting from the use of prestressing steels with a very high tensile strength instead of normal reinforcing steels.
    • Larger spans and greater slenderness. The latter results in reduced dead load, which also has a beneficial effect upon the columns and foundations and reduces the overall height of buildings or enables additional floors to be incorporated in buildings of a given height.
    • Under permanent load, very good behavior in respect of deflections and cracking.
    • Higher punching shear strength obtainable by appropriate layout of tendons
    • Considerable reduction in construction time as a result of earlier striking of formwork.


(Question asked by Mr Nainar Uma Sentil)