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What is the difference between Conventional Water-Reducing Admixtures & SuperPlasticizers?

The primary difference between these admixtures and conventional water-reducing admixtures is that high range water reducing (HRWR) admixtures, often referred to as [gn_highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]superplasticizers, may reduce the water requirement by more than 30%, without the side effect of excessive retardation.[/gn_highlight]

Potential Advantages of HRWR:

    • Significant water reduction;
    • Reduced cement contents;
    • Increased workability;
    • Reduced effort required for placement;
    • More effective use of cement;
    • More rapid rate of early strength development;
    • Increased long-term strength; and
    • Reduced permeability.

Potential Disadvantages of HRWR:

    • Additional admixture cost (the concrete in-place cost may be reduced);
    • Slump loss greater than conventional concrete;
    • Modification of air-entraining admixture dosage;
    • Less responsive with some cements;
    • Mild discoloration of light-colored concrete; and
    • Air-void and color blemishes on exposed and formed finishes.
Reference: NRMCA Publication No. 158