International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association


The International Tunneling and Underground Space Association was founded in 1974 by the initiative of nineteen Nations.

This organization currently has 54 member nations and 280 corporate or individual affiliate members, aiming to encourage the use of the subsurface for the benefit of public, environment and sustainable development, and to promote advances in planning, design, construction, maintenance and safety of tunnels and underground space.


Briefly, some of the current goals of ITA include:

    • To encourage new uses of underground space for the benefit of the public, environment, and sustainable development.
    • To encourage studies of underground alternatives to surface construction, not only considering construction costs but also indirect life-cycle costs and savings as well as social and environmental advantages.
    • To stimulate the development of guidelines for a positive public strategy to take advantage of subsurface potential.
    • To encourage the development of better and cheaper methods for planning, geo-investigation, design, construction, operation, maintenance and safety of underground structures by using improved methods such as new technical developments and risk management principles.
    • To improve training of everyone, especially young professionals, by conducting workshops, by improving and coordinating academic programs worldwide, and by improved on-the-job training.
    • To bring together engineers, owners and others involved in the development of underground space, such as architects, planners, authorities, economists, lawyers, insurers, financers and politicians.
    • To arrange international exchange on developments in underground technology and experience from its use.


ITA-AITES offers three type of membership as given below:

    • Member Nation For organisation representative of a country (U.N. recognized not yet ITA member nation).
    • Corporate Affiliate Member For Private Companies, Public Companies or Associations.
    • 3 Individual Affiliate Member For Students, Journalists & Retired /Staff of a Company already Corporate Affiliate Member

Fees : The membership fee details for different categories of membership are given in respective membership application forms

For membership details, visit official website of ITA-AITES.

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