Institution of Structural Engineers


The Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) is the world’s leading professional body for structural engineering based in the United Kingdom. It has 23,600 members in 105 countries.

The Institution is a learned body and provider of professional accreditation for structural engineers. The Institution publishes a monthly journal, ‘The Structural Engineer‘.

The Institution of Structural Engineers is the world’s largest membership organisation dedicated to the art and science of structural engineering. The Institution is an internationally recognised source of expertise and information concerning all issues that involve structural engineering and public safety within the built environment.


The Institution was established at the Ritz Hotel, London on 21 July 1908 as the Concrete Institute, as the result of a need to define standards and rules for the proper use of concrete material in construction industry.

It was renamed the Institution of Structural Engineers in 1922, when its areas of interest were extended to cover ‘structures’ of all kinds; ‘structures’ being defined as ‘those constructions which are subject principally to the laws of statics as opposed to those which are subject to the laws of dynamics and kinetics, such as engines and machines’. The Institution gained its Royal Charter in March 1934.

In 1937 the South Africa Branch became the first to be established outside the UK. There are now 32 branches, divisions and sections across the world.


The core work of the Institution is supporting and protecting the profession of structural engineering by upholding professional standards and acting as an international voice on behalf of structural engineers.


Membership of the Institution comes in different levels:

    • Student Member – for students studying courses accredited by the Institution.
    • Graduate Member – for graduates of accredited courses, who have not yet taken the professional review or exam.
    • Technician Member – for structural technicians, usually without degree qualifications.
    • Associate Member – usually for engineers without accredited degree qualifications who have passed the Associate Membership examination.
    • Associate – for members domiciled outside the European Union and have at least five years experience.
    • Member – for graduates of accredited degree courses who have passed the Professional Review and Examination
    • Fellow – for members who are deemed to have sufficient experience and to have made sufficient achievements to merit fellowship of the Institution. Any member may apply for fellowship.

Only Members & Fellows of the Institution of Structural Engineers may call themselves a chartered engineer. To become a Member it is necessary to sit and pass the professional review interview and examination. The examinations are held once per annum on the first Friday in April.

The examination is a test of the candidate’s professional competence, taking the form of a seven hour examination in structural engineering design and practice, and the candidate must display a grasp of structural engineering principles, an ability to initiate and communicate structural design and provide an effective solution to a structural design problem.

How to join:

For more information on how to become member, visit official website of IStructE.

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