Bureau of Indian Standards


During the pre independence period , standardization activity was sporadic and confined mainly to a few Government purchasing organization.

However, immediately after independence, economic development through coordinated utilization of resources was called for and the government recognized the …… role for standardization in gearing industry to competitive efficiency and quality production.

The Indian Standards Institution (ISI) was, therefore, set up in 1947 as a registered society, under a Government of India resolution.

The Indian Standards Institution gave the nation the standards it needed for nationalization, orderly industrial and commercial growth, quality production and competitive efficiency. However, in 1986 the government recognized the need for streagthening this National Standards Body due to fast changing socio-economic scenario and according it a statutory status.

Thus came the Bureau of Indian Standards Act 1986 and on 1 April 1987, newly formed BIS took over staff assets, liabilities and functions of erstwhile ISI.

Through this change over, the Government of India envisaged building of the climate of quality culture and consciousness and greater participation of consumers in formulation and implementation of National Standards

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