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Understanding the Cement is a pre-requisite for understanding the behavior of concrete & masonry.

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Unfortunately, contents of conventional educational resources are too predictive & DO NOT PROVIDE ANSWERS to most of these “Whats”, “Whys” & “Hows” of Cement even after scrolling through their voluminous texts .

This is the reason why very few Engineers can answer the “Whats”, “Whys” & “Hows” of Cement & its role in concrete with confidence & ease.

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Cement ebook has rich content designed to build up concepts in a logical manner & provides Crisp & Concise explanations to almost all the “Whats”, “Whys” & “Hows” of Cement.

Cement ebook has two seperate sections viz. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) & FUAQs (Frequently UnAnswered Questions) designed to test & promote your understanding of the concepts.

With Cement ebook, you dont need to scroll through voluminous texts…its NOT A ROUTINE BOOK.. Menu Driven Presentation style of tthe Cement ebook makes it truly unique

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Cement ebook: make the difference to engineer within you!

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