Cement ebook 


  • Covers all aspects of cement & its role in masonry & concrete; including:
    * Definitions & history.
    * Manufacture.
    * Hydration 
    * Role & behavior of cement in concrete 
    * Types 
    * Classification as per ASTM & BS
    * Laboratory Tests
    * Field examination
    * FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
    * FUAQs: Frequently UnAnswered Questions
  • Develops understanding on cement by building up concepts in a logical manner
  • Provides Crisp & Concise explanations to almost all the “Whats”, “Whys” & “Hows” of Cement.
  • Has two seperate sections viz. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) & FUAQs (Frequently UnAnswered Questions) designed to test & promote your understanding of the concepts.
  • Unique Menu Driven Presentation style – No need to scroll through voluminous text

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Cement ebook: make the difference to engineer within you!

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