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Self Compacting Concrete: Methods of Production
Introduction Is SCC a  new Concept? Why SCC does not require any compaction  SCC vs  High Slump Concrete
Performance Requirements of fresh SCC Rheologic properties  How is SCC made Methods of producing SCC
How is SCC mix different from conventional concrete mix Examples of SCC mixes Hardened   Properties 
Test methods for fresh SCC Benefits of SCC Cost of SCC Applications
Quality Control Precautionary measures Feasible performance specifications
There are two commonly known methods of producing self compacting type concretes, namely, the Powder and Admixture Methods. 

The Powder Method uses superplasticisers in conjunction with very high cementitious material contents (i.e. cement, fly ash, slag, etc) to form a paste which controls the homogeneity of the mix, improves its flowability and holds the mix constituents together and resists segregation.

The Admixture Method is based on the use of the new generation of polycarboxylate superplasticisers which offer the capability of providing for improved flowability, viscosity and cohesion, as well as workability retention. Depending on the characteristics of constituent materials, a viscosity modifier may also be required.
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Concrete-Techgroup expresses its gratitude to Mr Larry Storer  for permitting  the use of article “Self-compacting concrete: powerful tool for complicated pours” (written by Tim Avery in March’04 issue of CONCRETE Monthly).
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